Legendary Porsche control, available in maintenance form.

The Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan delivers convenience, control and factory-certified technicians.

Maintain confidence in your Porsche vehicle from the dealership, to your home and beyond with The Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan (PSMP). This prepaid service plan allows you to maintain and manage your factory recommended scheduled services. Under the plan, we provide you with the most detailed services your Porsche needs to maintain its luxury, beauty and superior performance.

How You Benefit

Locks in the price of routine maintenance for the term of your plan. No wondering, "Will the cost of a 30,000 mile checkup on my vehicle go up in a year?" No, it won't. And it will not for the entire term of the plan you selected.

All repairs and replacements use Genuine Porsche Parts.

Confidence And Competency.
Knowledge that your authorized Porsche dealership uses highly skilled, factory-trained Porsche technicians.

Once purchased, have your routine maintenance performed by any participating Porsche dealership with in the United States.

Plan Options

The first scheduled maintenance is included with the purchase of your new Porsche, excluding battery electric vehicles (BEVs). This included first service on internal combustion engines (ICEs) is generally due at 1 Year/10,000 miles based on when your vehicle is officially registered in the Porsche system. Please note, however, that service due dates/mileage may vary by model. Porsche recommends reviewing your owner's manual for more information on the specific recommended service intervals determined by Porsche's engineers in Weissach. To supplement the included first scheduled maintenance on ICEs, Porsche offers four Plus Plan options that cover critical maintenance items for 2 Years/20,000 miles, 3 years/30,000 miles, 4 years/40,000 miles to 5 Years/50,000 miles, depending upon which term you choose.

PSMP Plan Options Internal Combustion Engines

Included First Service
Service at 1 year / 10,000 miles

Plus 1
Service at 2 years / 20,000 miles

Plus 2
Service at 2 years / 20,000 miles
Service at 3 years / 30,000 miles

Plus 3
Service at 2 years / 20,000 miles
Service at 3 years / 30,000 miles
Service at 4 years / 40,000 miles

Plus 4
Service at 2 years / 20,000 miles
Service at 3 years / 30,000 miles
Service at 4 years / 40,000 miles
Service at 5 years / 50,000 miles

PSMP Plan Options Battery Electric Vehicles

2 Year / 20,000 Miles
Service at 2 years / 20,000 miles

4 Year / 40,000 Miles
Service at 2 years / 20,000 miles
Service at 4 years / 40,000 miles

6 Year / 60,000 Miles
Service at 2 years / 20,000 miles
Service at 4 years / 40,000 miles
Service at 6 years / 60,000 miles

What's Included
  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Engine air filter replacement
  • Cabin air pollen filter replacement
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Brake fluid replacement
  • Brake pad, disc, and hose inspection
  • Steering gear and axle inspection
  • Radiator and air inlet inspection
  • Body and sunroof drain cleaning and inspection
  • Coolant and coolant hose inspection
  • Windshield wiper and washer inspection
  • Tire condition and pressure inspection
  • Headlights, horn, and other electrical system inspection
  • Battery condition inspection

Additional Details
  • Event due dates are based on the vehicle's in-service date in the Porsche system. Services must be performed within 6 months or 5,000 miles of the scheduled maintenance interval, otherwise they may be forfeited.
  • Items not specified in the Maintenance booklet, or that result from wear and tear, are not covered. Examples of excluded items include brake pads, rotors, and tires. Please consult your plan agreement or your local authorized Porsche dealer for details.**
  • The PSMP coverage remains with the vehicle, so even if you trade or sell your Porsche vehicle before the plan expiration, coverage continues for the remainder of the term selected.
  • PSMP may not be canceled. No refunds will be offered for early termination of a vehicle lease, or for unused portions of the plan, unless specified by state law.
  • California residents who purchase PSMP in California have specific terms and conditions applied. Please consult the California PSMP Agreement for details.
  • The PSMP is only valid in the country in which it was purchased and only at authorized Porsche dealers.

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